Kutus Kutus Oil Bali | Official Distributor & Retailer in Seminyak, Denpasar - Bali

Kutus Kutus Oil Bali | Official Distributor & Retailer in Seminyak, Denpasar - Bali

Welcome to OFFICIAL Kutus Kutus Organic Herbal HEALING OIL Stockist Distributor & Re seller in Seminyak, Denpasar - Bali!

We had been concern to be practitioner and re seller of this special oil for more then 3 years. She will very happy to share her knowledge and experience about Kutus Kutus oil to everyone who want to know more about this Bali Healing Oil. And also you can do healing treatment special by Kutus Kutus oil at her working spa which is located in Jl. Raya Seminyak No 22 Seminyak.

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Price Rp. 230.000/ bottle 100 ml 

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Kutus Kutus Oil contains 49 herbal plant that processed and put together specifically to produce the healing energy of nature.

Functions to enable the body’s energy or CHI-PRANA are automatically able to improve balance and body health naturally.

CHI-Prana is the vital life energy, which flows on the centers of chakra or meridian lines on our bodies. The energy that makes human life and all organs functioning breathtaking either. When there is a disturbance of CHI-PRANA then it will occur on the organs of the body.

CHI-PRANA energy works for :

  • Improve and increase the body's metabolism system 
  • Improve the performance of the organ 
  • Facilitate the circulation of blood, enzymes and hormones 
  • Strengthens the body's immunity system 
  • Warmed and arrange body temperature 

A good CHI-PRANA energy balance will create harmony in the body, and our body is able to fight the disease, whereas in case of a drag on the meridian will show a health disorder.

Make KUTUS KUTUS OIL as your family doctor.

Using KUTUS KUTUS OIL directly diagnose and cure your own disease.


-Uric acid, rheumatism, pins and needles, joint pain, pinched nerve, neck strain

-Sore, sprain, bad sleep, back pain, muscle ache, muscle spasms, muscle swelling, arthritis pain, cramps sports, swollen, hematoma

-indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcer, bloated

-cough; cope with flu symptoms, feverish, colds, body heat, symptom typhoid, dengue fever

-Vertigo, headache, migraine, dizziness, travel sickness, head tense

-sexual vitality, adding sperm, menstruation, irregular menstruation, fertility, maintain stamina, myoma, cyst, painful

-Tooth ache, sprue, swollen gums

-All types of allergies (food, dust, environmental, aroma, cold)

-All types of injuries (burns, bleeding, ulcers, scalded, diabetic wounds)

-Eliminate all types of itching, mosquito bites, animal bites, due to fungus, anti-mosquito and anti-lice)

-Destroy fat / cellulite

-Help cure degenerative diseases (Diabetes, infections, cancer, liver, heart, stroke, Parkinson's, healing after surgery)

-Maintain the health of internal organs (kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, spleen)


  • applied uniformly in the soles and toes area 
  • along the spine from the nape of the head to the tail bone 
  • organs are problematic and uncomfortable 
  • if necessary healing health condition is more serious, kutus kutus oil can be applied once every hour 
  • Smeared with finely pressed or rubbed until the oil soak into the skin pores. 


Made of 49 types of herbs,

Five elements of the tree of life are the leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit.

Plus two elements, namely water and fire, represented by coconut oil and a wide range of Essential oils, make the seven elements of a perfect universe, carefully cultivated in the harmonious composition.

Ashitaba Leaves

Longevity of the Japanese plant,

useful as antioxidants, neutralizes toxins in the body.

Neem Leaves

In India the leaves is used as a medicinal herb magic,

the main menu on the Mahatma Gandhi’s food.


A plant that only grows in the mountainous Dieng,

efficacious giving passion and vigor,

known as its Indonesian Viagra.


Plants that can be used for cancer drugs,

hepatitis and other diseases in.


Eight star-shaped square,

trigger function and boost immunity naturally.


In Bali, Pule is used for the manufacture of a sacred mask,

efficacious as a neutralizer or an antidote to the negative energy.

Pule is also a drug that can heal wounds, and reinforcing the bone.


Gaharu oil is very expensive and has been used by kings in the middle east.

Gaharu a bone of contention, so that it becomes rare.

This wood is a safe natural substances as a sedative.


Kutus Kutus Oil helps heal psychosomatic

Psychosomatic is mental disorders that cause physical disorders.

Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, disappointment, or guilt, the cause of this psychological disorder.

The most frequent complaints are palpitations:

stomach complaints, shortness of breath, or feeling uncomfortable while breathing, muscle pain, numbness, insomnia, anxiety, stress, tense thoughts and other psychiatric disorders.

With gentle massage of Kutus Kutus Oil, is able to overcome psychosomatic disorders. 

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