Four Seasons Ubud, Bali | Obama choose to stay with family here

Four Seasons Ubud, Bali | Obama choose to stay with family here

During his vacation, he wants to have his own privacy.

Since it is a holiday, he only will be welcome by Bali Governor, Pangdam IX Udayana, Head Bali Police, and Air Force Commander, at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. Obama also wants there is no journalist at the Airport.

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“It is a personal visit. But we have our own SOP for his safety. There is no welcoming dancing. Once he arrives, we greet him, and then he gets into the car and go to Ubud,” said Dewa Putu Eka, the officer of Bali Province after having briefing about Obama visit at Wiswa Sabha Utama Room, Bali Governor Office, Denpasar, Thursday (22/6). Indonesian Government would provide VVIP Security.

At that 1.5 hours-private meeting, started at 02.00 pm, Dewa Putu Eka and representative of International Affair, USAPresidency, TNI, and Indonesian Police, did not explain where Obama will go during his stay in Bali. His schedule is tentative and they will will inform it a day before.

“For now, there is no final plan yet. It is tentative, we will follow his own interest, because it is very personal,” he said.

Obama will come with his family by using a personal plane. They also bring special car from USA. Obama does not want to be over protected during his stay.

“He will stay at Four Season Ubud. Obama wants to stay at Ubud. And they bring their own vehicle,” he explained.

Her plane fly direct from USA to Bali and will be arrive at 17.55 in Bali. He choose Bali because he feels Bali is a pleasant place for vacation, with friendly-society, and beautiful culture. Obama comes with 13 others people, includes his wife, and his two daughters, and sister in-law.

 “We does not do any special preparation. We had check the location. But we are not sure yet whether we will stay there or not. A day before, we will finalize it,” he added.

Michael Donnovan, from USA Presidency, did not explain about Obama’s planning in Bali. “Sorry, I can’t explain ,” he said quickly.

There are four places that had been surveyed by Obama’s team, including Pura Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring, which Obama would like to visit. Obama will be in Bali on 23 June until 28 June 2017

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